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“Your Property.....Our Priority!”

What is today Van der Vyver Inc started in February 1997 when the owner and attorney, Wilhelm van der Vyver, opened his offices in George. “We were in the same building as where we currently find ourselves,” he recalls, “but on the top floor.” Staff consisted, apart from the owner, of one secretary. “I listed properties, took people out to view them, wrote sale agreements and then, if the owner nominated me as transferring attorney, attended to the transfer as well.

Your Property.....Our Priority “We were on quite a steep learning curve at that time, but fortunately we grew substantially, so that with time several people joined the firm as full-time realtors, allowing me to focus on the legal side of things: the conveyancing of the property from the seller to the purchaser.” Six months after offices opened an office on the ground floor with street frontage became available and this is where Van der Vyver Inc still find themselves today.

Although the estate agency initially started out as a franchise office for Private Seller Properties, the service rendered to the public gradually evolved to the point where the name was not an adequate description of the activities of the agency anymore, and eventually the decision was made to change the agency’s name from Private Seller to Van der Vyver Properties.

Today the agency functions with several full-time realtors as a part of the attorney’s practice of Wilhelm van der Vyver. The legal practice is almost exclusively based on conveyancing which goes hand in hand with the realtors’ activities. “We strive to assist our clients from listing their house with us, or enquiring about a property for sale, until the point where transfer is registered,” says Van der Vyver. He feels that the availability of an attorney to clients whilst negotiating a sale agreement and the concentration of responsibility in one office adds value to the process. “We do bond registrations for major banks and regularly feature as top-performing attorney for the Southern Cape as regards turn-around time and accuracy of documents on these banks’ performance charts for the Western Cape, something that we are quite proud of,” he concludes.